Name Badges: Where Should They Be Worn?

Name badges: an important tool for networking events, retail and large corporations. Helping others to recall your name and information, name badges are a great conversation starter and will help to make meeting individuals easier and quicker, cutting out the lengthy introductions.

But, "where should my name badge be worn?" 

This may be a simple question that you have asked yourself numerous times without really thinking about it, however there is a logic behind the correct place to display your name tag. If you have ever attended a large networking event or even started a new job and wondered what side your new name tag should be worn, then pay close attention: 

Although the majority of individuals automatically reach to put their name badge on their upper left hand side, just below their shoulder, this may not be completely correct. Placing your ID badge on the left hand side may seem accurate to you for a number of reasons: a.) it is the side closest to your heart b.) purely convenience, most of us are right handed therefore feel it easier to attach our name badge to our left hand side.

Even though you may deem this appropriate, we're afraid to say, in the case of networking, you're wrong. As the majority of people shake hands using their right hand, it makes more sense for a personalised name badge to be worn on the individual's right hand side. 

Due to the way we tilt our bodies when we shake hands, the opposing person's eye contact will go directly towards your right hand side, meaning your identification badge is directly in their line of vision. Not only will this make the meeting easier than it would be if the person were awkwardly scanning for your name tag, but the person is also more likely to remember the information provided on your badge, leading to a higher rate of success.   

This doesn't just work in terms of events, even in the case of retail, make sure you place your name badge correctly, as it may just lead to a higher number of customer compliments.  

Now that you know where to correctly wear it, all that's left to do is design your own personalised name badge

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