Table Number Materials

Table Number Materials

As we recently discovered, table numbers serve many purposes for businesses within the hospitality industry and for many companies within other industries i.e. weddings, events etc.

In previous blog posts we have explained our collection of table numbers in detail and outlined ways to establish and create the right style to benefit your business. But we now want to dig a little deeper and discuss how our collection of materials and colours can really help to promote your business and shine the brand in a professional light.

Of course, all of our table numbers are designed in a way to help you increase efficiency, encourage brand recognition and streamline business processes but the materials you select for your table numbers can also bring a lot of advantages.

Wooden Table Numbers

Firstly, as modern rustic themes are continuing in popularity throughout 2020, our wooden table numbers are definitely something to consider for your business. Taking it back to the hospitality industry, wooden table numbers are not only simple, elegant and will accentuate your coloured decor, they give off an authentic vibe that will draw customers to the door of your business. As quirky and fresh decor are traits many customers look for in smaller restaurants and cafe's, wooden table numbers will capture their attention immediately.

All of our table numbers can be created in two quality woods: Cherry & Maple. If you're wanting a rich toned table number, customised with your logo, no problem. Choose our Cherry customised table numbers and simply personalise with your unique design. From there, our expert engravers will engrave and cut the wood using our high-quality laser machines, creating a flawless finish and sleek shine that will fit to the theme of your business.

For a quieter, blonde coloured table number, choose our beautiful Maple wood. Like our Cherry wood, our Maple wood can be customised in any shape and engraved with your key brand details.

Both woods are known in the industry as 2 ply. Meaning when they are engraved using our lasers, your number, name or logo will show in a slightly darker wood allowing the design to pop and make it easier for employees to see which table to wait on.

Our wooden table numbers present a smooth finish, no need to worry about scratches. And they can also be created with screw holes for ease when securing to your table.

If you're looking to add even more of a rustic, barn type feel to your restaurant, why not customise our wooden spoon table numbers to add to a glass vase? Unlike metal table numbers which can be heavy and take up room on the table, our wooden spoons are light and easily transferable between tables, making them perfect for use in smaller settings.

Coloured Laminate Table Numbers

As colours like navy blue, bright yellow, green and dark red are trending this year. At BadgeSmart we have created a collection of table numbers designed in our 2 ply laminate to compliment these colours. With the choice of 19 vibrant tones, you can create customised table numbers in a range of colours demonstrating a beautiful rainbow effect across your tables or keep it simple and elegant using one colour.

Our laminate, like our high-quality wood, is engraved using our state-of-the-art laser machines. If you love the idea of keeping it simple with every table number designed in the same colour, we offer a range of different shapes and sizes that don't require your customisation. Simply choose the colour, select the quantity i.e. 9 and we will engrave numbers 1 through 9.

If you are drawn to the idea of having each table number created in a different colour, choose our custom, customised circle or customised square table numbers. From there you can create your own design, incorporating you logo and the number/name.

Our 2 ply laminates are smooth at the touch with a beautiful shine finish. When placed under the light, the difference in the engraving colour against the background colour will really make your design stand out.


All of our materials are durable, long-lasting yet lightweight, say goodbye to heavy metal table number stands and hello to a table number than can be secured to the table using screws or placed in small holders to create that rustic effect.

Take a look and explore through our collection, for any queries our friendly team are on hand to help via [email protected]

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