Top Ideas For Your Restaurant Table Numbers

Top Ideas For Your Restaurant Table Numbers

If we asked you to think of table numbers, all of us would have a different idea in our heads. We could be imagining their use in a restaurant, a pub, weddings or even if we're thinking a bit more outside of the box: on tables used within examinations. Table numbers are used throughout many different industries and vary in designs, colours and shapes.  

But where do you start? Do you choose custom table numbers where you can add a table name i.e. The Arran Table? Or would you prefer to keep things traditional and orderly with standard numbers? How do you determine which style of table number is right for you and your business. This is where BadgeSmart comes in, we're here to help.

Firstly, let's narrow our selection of fantastic table numbers down, depending on your business.

Customised Table Numbers

The hospitality industry is our main focus, it's fast-paced, it's continuously busy and your employees will have plenty of daily tasks that need ticked off before the end of their shift. Not only do table numbers increase efficiency, they keep the operation of a business within this industry, running smoothly and orderly.

For small businesses or independents such as local cafe's and pubs, introducing table numbers will increase organisation and customising them to suit your brand theme will also help to encourage brand awareness. Using our online design wizard, these table numbers can be personalised with your logo, or why not decorate your table number with a design associated with your brand?

Café Table Numbers

Our customised table numbers vary in shapes, sizes and colours. If your cafe is petite and quaint, we recommend our customised circle table numbers. They are manufactured from sleek laminate and are available in size 55mm dia, small but durable. No need to worry about the cost of individual table number holders, these customised circle table numbers are cost-effective and come with the option of screw holes, meaning you can easily attach the number directly to the table securely. No need to continuously fix the positioning of the item. Simply choose from our 21 colour options and get customising. You could even create a custom design (which we will talk about later) and have your table numbers in the shape of a coffee cup!

Restaurant Table Numbers

If you would prefer a more well-defined edge on your table number, adding sophistication and professionalism to the feel of your pub or restaurant. Our customised square table numbers are at your service. Our square table numbers, similar to our circle table numbers are engraved using our high-quality laser machines to show your design clearly. They are size 55 x 55mm and are also available in our 21 vibrant colours, giving you the option to choose the most suitable colour for your brand.

For restaurants who want to keep their costs low but increase efficiency, brand awareness and avoid mis-communication and confusion amongst employees, these customised square table numbers are exactly what your business needs. And your employees and customers will love them. You could even create a custom design (which we will talk about later) and have your table numbers in the shape of your logo or if you are a pub you could even get a beer glass shaped table number!

Wooden Spoon Table Numbers

Catering to the demand of themed, speciality and authentic eateries, Badgesmart's wooden spoon table numbers, allow restaurants to strip it back and accentuate their business' rustic feel. Just like our customised square and circle table numbers, these wooden spoons will be engraved using our high-quality laser machines, to show your own design, name, number or logo on the spoon.

With their clearly marked design, your employees will be able to find the correct table to wait on, quickly and more accurately, leaving less room for error. Simply pop the 30cm (long) wooden spoons into glass vases, bottles or mason jars where they will stand proudly waiting for the next diner.

Custom Shape Table Numbers

And if you think of yourself as a bit of a designer and want to create table numbers that are completely unique to your pub, restaurant or cafe, look no further. With Badgesmart's custom table numbers, you can create any shape or size up to 55x55mm.

Fancy tankard shaped table numbers for your beer garden? Or maybe you would prefer coffee cup shapes table numbers for your coffee shop? No problem, simply upload your layout, choose your colour and add to your basket. If you have any queries, drop our friendly team an email with your design and we will advise how to best create your design.

Standard Table Numbers

Do you remember taking your first exam, finding your allocated table number on the sheet outside the examination hall and then going in to locate your table? Now could you imagine if the numbers featured on the tables didn't exist? We don't want to acknowledge this as a possibility. That's why Badgesmart have created a range of standard table numbers that require no customisation.

Organisations as well as cafes, restaurants and pubs can simply choose from our circle or square table numbers, add them to their basket and seek the benefits as soon as they've been delivered. The benefit of our standard numbers is, the number you add to your basket is the numbers you will receive on your table numbers. Order 7 table numbers and receive numbers 1 through 7.

Table Number Materials

The process is easy, quick and efficient. All of our standard table numbers are manufactured from high-quality 2 ply laminate or if you choose our cherry or maple option, exceptional quality of durable, fine finished wood. Now you have the opportuntity to choose table numbers of all of the same colours and material or mix it up with more of a rainbow effect incorporating a mix of wood and laminate.

At BadgeSmart the choice is up to you. Time to get started and ask yourself the question…customised or standard table numbers?

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